Thursday, November 9, 2017

How to flock a Christmas tree with real Flock

You guys I'm so excited to share my newly flocked trees with you!
 I recently flocked a few trees that I've had for about 15 years. My husband bought the for me when we were just married. we used them as out Christmas tree for a few years then bought a bigger one. But I kept these and used them outside on my porch for years. They were still in really good condition but I wanted a change. I love flocked trees, a lot! I know that might not surprise a lot of your because I love white anything. Flocking these two trees were easier than I expected. One is 6ft. and the other is 4ft.

Supplies you'll need
1. Large spray bottle, I bought mine for $1 at Walmart. 
 2. One large measuring cup (to scoop the flock from the bag into the strainer)
3. Winco MS3A-8D Strainer with Double Fine Mesh, 8-Inch Diameter  $9.72 on

4. Sno-Bond Flock for $26.99 on 

I did my flocking outside because it was nice weather and it's easier to clean up. The first thing is to make sure your tree is clean of all dust and dirt. I put my trees in the shower a few days before and washed them in warm water then let them dry. If you can't fit your tree in the shower then wipe down  with a damp cloth. let dry fully. I put my lights back on my tree and went to work.
 First, You'll lightly spray the section you'll be working on with water. Only a light misting so the Sno-Bond will stick. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I went above the branches and shook the Sno-bond on top of the branches, just like real snow falling, then spraed more water lightly. I did less flock as I got in toward the trunk of the tree. I shook with one hand, sprayed with the other until it was how I liked it then moved to another section. My strainer did get wet and the flock got stuck to it a few times so I just ran it under hot water until the flock was gone, then dried it with my hair dryer, very scientific I know! 
Be sure to give your whole tree a light spray down with water at the end, that's what activates the Sno-Bond and makes it stick to the tree. let your tree dry 24 hours before decorating.
I flocked my tree with the lights on it. I wanted the lights cord to be as hidden as possible.
Here is during the process. I let mine dry a half  hour and then repeated the process again. I like my flock heave on the ends and tops, like real snow piled up on the branches. After my tree dried I bent the branched sown a bit so it looked like the snow was weighing it down.

 If you decide to flock with your lights on you will want to go back and peel the flocking off the bulbs, it comes off the lights really easy. some of the light strands are still visible but I will cover them with my decorations.
I am so happy with how these 2 tree turned out. I love the flocking. It does come off a bit but not as much as I thought it would.

 Happy Flocking!!
These trees are going in my bedroom for Christmas this year and I can't wait to decorate them!! Eeeeek! Flocked goodness!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Neutral November Decor

 Hello! Thank you for stopping by.
I just love November and the opportunity we get to spend the whole month thinking about all our wonderful blessings. After Halloween I quickly got out all my neutral fall décor. I don't have a lot of Thanksgiving décor so I just used some real/faux pumpkins I had out for September and put them back out. I moved some things around and cut some of the last stems from my yard. its so sad when all the flowers and leaves are gone, everything looks so naked and dreary. Good thing it snows and covers everything in a white blanket.
Family Room

Dresser pulls-Ebay
Faux pumpkins-Michaels Craft Store
Brass Mirror-Target
Candle sticks-Hobby Lobby
Tray- Hobby Lobby
Potted Plants-Ikea
Coffee Table-made by me
Throw Blanket-World Market

 Kitchen Tablescape
I love the little scratches on these white pumpkins, it gives them so much personality. It reminds me that things or people don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Faux Candles-Costco
Plate chargers-hobby Lobby
Napkins-World Market
Shelf-Hobby Lobby
Brass Candle tapers-Etsy
Gather sign-Small Wood Home
Wreath-made by me (supplies from Michaels)

 Entry Table
 I went really simple for my entry table, adding some stems and some faux cream pumpkins.

This is what is on my dining table most the time. The light that comes through these south facing windows is crazy bright as you can see, but I love it! Look at the ombre effect on these stems cut from my backyard tree and those cut mini berries!
I hope that you are enjoying your November. We sure have. The weather has been great but snow is in our forecast and the temps have already dropped. I guess its that time of year. Thanks again for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall Home Tour 2017

Welcome to my home. First off thank you for stopping by my blog. There are so many amazing talented people out there in the blog world and I'm so thankful for you and for taking the time to stop by. Really it means so much to me.

Last December I painted my brown glazed knotty Alder kitchen cabinets. It was the best choice! Before my kitchen was dark but now it's light and bright. My kitchen table used to be black, that too got a makeover about 8 years ago. I made the wood bench. I love to decorate my dining table for holidays. White dishes are a love of mine, I cannot get enough. 

I made this wreath last month for fall. It was very simple and inexpensive. Berries are from Michaels and Grape vine wreath I already had but you can get them at Michaels,  JoAnn's or hobby Lobby for cheap.

Here is the close up of the tablescape. I love using thing from my own yard in my decorating, like leaves and greenery stems, pinecones and flowers.
DIY candlesticks and chargers tutorial are a few posts back. I have used these chargers so much in the past few months.
Napkins and wood/metal tiered tray are from World Market.
Rattan Chargers are from Hobby Lobby
Small potted plants are from Michaels

I love this round Mirror from target, it can go anywhere! Lamp and shade are also from Target. Chest of drawers is from Ikea.
Here is my fall bedroom. I kept things bright and neutral.
Wall scripture signs and mirrors are from Hobby Lobby. 
Lamp & shade-Target.
Lumbar pillow-Ikea.
Tufted Bed-DownEast Home
Boxwood Wreath-Rodworks
White Coverlet-JCPenny
Floral Coverlet-Wayfair
Blue and white stripe throw pillows are from Fresh Canopy on
Faux flicker candles-Costco
Wicker tray-Michaels

Happy Fall ya'll!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October Home Tour

Hello! Welcome to my home.

I've teamed up with 3 amazing bloggers this month and we will be sharing our
home decor for the month of October.

 Halloween or Fall we've got it all. I am  inspired by so many decorators out there and we hope you will be inspired too. 
These gals are super talented and sweet inside and out. Links to their blogs will be at the end of this post.

I wanted to keep the cost down for my October decorating so I made a lot of paper crafts. Crafts from paper are fun and inexpensive. This Trick or Treat banner is a free printable from  Ever since she posted it I knew I wanted to make one. Kristen is also a sweetheart with an amazing home. And one of the first blogs I followed.

This year I decided to keep things traditional with black, white and orange for my Halloween Décor. I hope you enjoy your tour. Welcome to my home!
I mixed some real and faux pumpkins. I love all the different shades of orange, cream and white.

 Large Orange and White Pumpkins-Michaels
Buffalo Plaid Pillows-Amazon
Baskets-World Market
Black and orange ribbon-Hobby Lobby
Bat sign-made by me :)

We purchased new sofas a few months ago and I love them! They are deep for my long legs, soft and they brighten up my family room a ton. I made this coffee table last month and it adds some warmth to the space. And..... it's another fun space to decorate!
 I made the charcoal and cream stripe pillows from 20x20 inch napkins from World Market. They are so easy and inexpensive to make. The bottoms are velcro so I can switch out the covers for others to go along with my decor.
 Lanterns and wicker basket are both from Michaels
Ignore the TV about my fireplace and the awkward corner fireplace. I don't love either of them, but that's life. But, I do love bats for Halloween. They are just the right amount of spooky without being scary. I am a cutsie kind of Halloween decorator. My SIL Cherie cut these bats out for me a few years ago and I reuse them every year.

 I made this Trick or Treat sign last week and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I used my silhouette to make a stencil. If you love making signs, a silhouette is the way to go, the possibilities are endless.
Trick or Treat Wood sign-made by me
Glitter crow-Michaels
Potions Book-made by me
Wreath-made by me(info to make one a few posts back)
31 wood sign-also made by me, paper from Hobby Lobby
 Don't you love that huge pumpkin on my floor? It belongs to my 4 year old daughter. My parents grew it for her and she adores it. She didn't want it outside because it would get cold! hahaha! So I just went with it!
 I cut this Happy Halloween sign last year, it was my first cutting project with my new scroll saw so don't judge, it's perfectly imperfect. I practiced a little more with my scroll saw, my skills improved a bit and I cut out the wood bats on the right.
 Below is another paper craft, my spooky Halloween banner made from paper from Hobby Lobby.
 I made this wreath a few years ago from a grapevine wreath and some ribbon from World Market. The black feathers are from our black pet chicken, Knight.
 I did a really simple Halloween tablescape.
More faux pumpkins, napkins from World Market
White dishes-JcPenny
Rattan placemats-Hobby Lobby
Wood/marble cake stand-World Market
Black stripe straws-Amazon

Well, there you have it! My Halloween home for October. Thank you again for stopping by. I hope you have a great month of October.

 These are the sweet gals joining me for the October Home Tour 2017

  Have the best day!